Taking Deposits on Kittens!


We can be reached at any time by emailing us at robinryman78@gmail.com.  We’re located in Northern Virginia …within easy driving distance from West Virginia,Washington, D.C., New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Maryland.

DEPOSITS: Deposits are $250 non refundable for pet kittens.  No Exceptions!  Please understand that you will not be added to our waiting list until a deposit has been received by us.  The remaining balance for your kitten must be paid with cash or through Paypal only. Please note: your deposit is non-transferrable after choosing and placing a deposit on a kitten, so choose carefully before making a deposit.  Once a kitten is placed ON HOLD for you, we do not allow any changes.  If you insist on switching to a different kitten, you forfeit your original deposit and must place a new non refundable deposit.

WHAT YOUR KITTEN COMES WITH: All of our kittens come with a written 1 year health guarantee, are vet examined before leaving, and have age appropriate shots, wormings and are TICA registered.  Kittens sold as pets are sold on a strict spay and neuter agreement and must be spayed or neutered by 7 months.  TICA papers will be held until proof of spay and neutering is sent to us by a licensed veterinarian.

WHEN YOUR KITTEN CAN LEAVE: Kittens will be ready to leave between 10-14 weeks of age.  Occasionally there will be kittens that will not be ready to leave until 14-16 weeks.  Please understand that we will not release a kitten until we feel that it is ready.   Most all kittens will be ready to go by 14 weeks of age.  A pick up date is usually given to the buyer approximately 2 weeks before your kitten is ready to leave.  If the kitten is not picked up by the agreed upon date, the kitten will be put back on the website for sale. No exceptions!  Please remember that we are not a kennel and will not keep a kitten here longer than necessary to accomodate customers vacations.  If you have a vacation planned, then you must pick a younger kitten that will be ready to leave AFTER you arrive back home.  Also, if there is no communication from the buyer for 2 or more weeks, the kitten will be put back up for sale.

Our first priority is to customers looking for show and breeder quality kittens.  The breeder always has first pick out of every litter and reserves the right to hold back any kitten or kittens that we feel will benefit our cattery.  Each litter is evaluated for breeder and show quality kittens.  Pet quality kittens will be offered to individuals who have placed a non refundable deposit to be on our waiting list.  Pet customers will be given a date that the kittens will be pictured on our website for choosing. If we have not received any breeder/show deposits, breeder/show quality kittens will be offered to pet customers at a slightly higher price based on markings and pedigree.

PICTURES:   Pictures of the kitten you have placed on hold with a non refundable deposit, will be sent via email.

List of terms:

On Hold:  Kitten has been reserved and is no longer available.

Available:  This kitten is now ready to be reserved and we can accept a deposit to hold the kitten for you.

VISITS: For the health and safety of our family…the furry kind and not so furry kind, visits to our home are no longer allowed.  We have a very young family, and do not feel comfortable allowing strangers into our home.  For our own personal security and because we do not want parasites or other diseases brought into our home, visitors are not allowed.  Breeding Ragdolls is just a hobby for me and our hectic schedule does not allow us much time to visit with you.  We would be more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have via email.  We would also be more than happy to send pictures of any kitten that you are interested in for you to choose. Please understand the need to respect our privacy and the safety of our cats and family.

All of our cats are HCM -/- either through testing by UC Davis or by parentage.

DELIVERY: Delivery is available free of charge within a 30 minute drive from our house.  Anything over 30 minutes is charged at $25 per hour of driving.   This includes my drive time to and from my house.  Please note that we will not drive more than 2 hours one way from our location in Northern VA.

PET PRICES ARE NON NEGOTIABLE!  Kittens are individually priced based on markings and pedigree.

Blue & Seal Minks – $1,000 and up

Traditional Colors (blue and seal)- $1,000 and up

Please note breeding rights will only be given to TICA registered catteries who have been breeding for at least 2 years and have a website.

Traditional Colors with breeding rights – $1800 & up depending on pattern, color and pedigree.

Minks with breeding rights – $2500 and up.

Deposits are $250 non refundable for pets, but you must choose a kitten within 6 months of placing your deposit, or you forfeit your deposit.

Deposits are $500 non refundable for kittens sold with breeding rights.

SPAY AND NEUTER: TICA registration papers will be held until proof of spay and neuter is given to the breeder in writing by a licensed veterinarian. If your kitten is not spayed/neutered by 7 months, your health guarantee will be void.  If proof from your vet is not sent to us in the form of a spay/netuer certificate or invoice by 7 months of age, your health guarantee will be void.

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any of our kittens, whether it is a pet or breeder, if we feel that it is not in the best interest of our babies.  If we feel that you are not a good match and will not provide a kitten purchased from us a loving home, we can and will refuse sale and your deposit will be refunded in full.  We also reserve the right to hold back any kitten we feel would benefit our cattery and refund your deposit.  Our cattery has first pick out of every litter born here.